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Our slow cooked smoked meats first entices your sense of smell while building the anticipation for your taste buds.  We slow cook ribs, chicken, turkey breast, beef briskets and beef ribs on oak wood and fruit wood.  Our homemade rub and our handcrafted bbq sauce is the perfect touch to make it finger licking good.  It doesn't end there as all meats deserve a sidekick.  Add a southern soulful side dish or other traditional comfort foods to compliment your bbq and/or smoked meat choices.  

Below are ways you can get your hands on some of our delicious BBQ!

Customize Your Catering Menu

Catering orders can be by pick up or delivery service.  However, to fully enjoy your event let us do the work.  Checkout our onsite bbq catering service which includes a personal bbq catering chef.  Your BBQ event should be more than a 'package selection' which is what our competitors offer.  Instead, offer your guests a variety beyond the 'package deals'.  A BBQ event or picnic is more than a choice between 2 meats and 2 sides plus the additional price per guest.  Memories of BBQing or picnics is about potlock style offerings to ensure that all of your guests from vegans to meat lovers enjoy your menu selection.  Build your BBQ menu according to the taste buds of you and your guests.   Build your own BBQ AFFAIR!  

Road Master

New for 2022

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Smoke 'Em 

2021 Addition

Won 1st KCBC contest

Lil Pig Roaster

2016 to present

Won my second trophy

Big Bertha

2009 to 2016 (retired)

Won my first trophy!

As if 2021, we officially became a Kansas City BBQ Society Member.   See pictures of my winning chicken thighs and spare ribs at the October 22, 2021 Red White and Que competition in Jackson, NJ.  (see gallery for pictures)